Goldfish Swim School's Jump Start Clinics are ideal for a safe and fun summer

Goldfish Swim School's Jump Start Clinics are ideal for a safe and fun summer

Last summer, my stubborn daughter learned to swim in six weeks at Goldfish Swim School.

Because we live in Chicago, we experience many months of winter and very limited swimming opportunities. I wasn’t sure if my kids even remembered how to swim after the brutally long winter.

I figured it was important to start off the summer with a week of Goldfish Swim School Jump Start Clinics.

My kids loved swimming five consecutive days for 30 minutes.  As the week progressed, I watched their confidence and skills increase quickly.

By Friday, my kids were practicing the butterfly and diving for rings at the bottom of the pool.

The best part is we can now enjoy summer without me worrying that they are not safe in water.

What are the clinics?

•       One 30-minute lesson per day for 5 consecutive days (Monday through Friday) for levels Mini 3 through Pro.

•       Your child will have the same teacher, classmates and class time each day to help boost the learning process, to overcome a specific skill or to get a jump start on learning how to swim.

•       The class ratios are the same as our regular lessons: 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio for our Junior 1 – Pro classes, and 3:1 ratio for our Mini 3 classes.

•       Your child will receive a report card on Friday at the end of each clinic to update you on their progress.

 When are the clinics?

•       Every week this summer, starting the week of June 16 and ending the week of August 11. (There will be no clinic the week of July 4, as we will be closed on Thursday and Friday.)

•       Classes will run every half hour between 9 – 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

 How much does a clinic cost?

•       Each 5-day clinic costs $100/week

•        A  7% sibling discount is offered for each additional child enrolled in a clinic.

Swimming is a life skill that can save our children’s lives.  It is great exercise, fun and most importantly ensures we will have a safe summer with lots of pools.

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