Your kids will never be bored again

Your kids will never be bored again

I have a quick project that you can do while watching television and I promise your children will never be bored again.

Step one: Get your supplies together.


You will need:

Empty oatmeal container

Construction paper




Printer Paper

Letter Stickers (optional)

Step two: Print out this link of already written activities for your kids.  (Of course, you can make up your own – but this is so easy)

Step three: Cut out the cards.  Or you can delegate to your husband (which I did; he is good at cutting) and move on to step four.

Step four: Measure paper with cylinder and cut off the excess on bottom.  Save it as you can use it to cover the bare strip on the back.

Step five:  Glue the paper to the container to cover all signs of the oatmeal packaging.

Step six: Measure the top and cut out a circle and glue on.

Step seven: Decorate with stickers, markers, paint or stencils.

Step eight: Put the cards inside the I am Bored Jar and shake well.

Step nine:  Sit back and wait for a child to whine, “Mom, I’m Bored.”

Step ten: Hand them the jar and tell said kid they must do the task on the card.

Step eleven:  Enjoy the activity with them or enjoy your own time.  (Or you can always do laundry.)


My kids LOVE this.

In the past few days since the I am Bored Jar has been sitting on the counter, the kids have been asking to pick a card.  We have an organized book shelf, cleaned room, lots of games played indoors and outside, many new books read and one written, a whole family of sock puppets and a bonus puppet show.


It is so easy for kids to become creative when they don’t have an iPad in front of their faces.

This will come in handy now that school is ending and summer is near.  Do you have any tips to keep your kids from complaining about being bored?  

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