Ten Tips for a Three-Day Juice Cleanse

Ten Tips for a Three-Day Juice Cleanse
My cleanse was overnighted from California.

This is my second go around at the three day juice cleanse.  Read about day one, two and three here.

Although very challenging, this time I have learned a few things that have made the experience more pleasant.

1. Be Ready.  If you are not, wait until you are.  It took me some time to get to the place that I was ready.

2. Commit 100%.  There is no point to do it, if you plan to sneak coffee, wine or a snack.  Do it right.

3. Schedule accordingly.  Obviously you don’t want to be cooking or going out to a restaurant during these days.  Look for non-eating activities.

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4. Stay busy.  The less you are doing, the more time for you to be aware that you are not eating.

5. Limit Facebook. There is a surprising lot of food mentions on Facebook.  The menus, pictures of friend’s dinners and recipes, almost sent me over the edge.

6. TV isn’t much better. Most shows (besides Survivor) portray many meals amongst the characters.  Commercials are painful.

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7. Observe your habits. When I could not eat I was very aware of the spoon I usually would lick or the crumbs from my little ones plates I usually shove, almost subconsciously, into my mouth.  These are habits that need to stop in order to be successful moving forward.

8. Sleep.  My body was tired and I slept really well during the cleanse.  It is hard to explain, but I woke up sensing my dreams with a new vividness.

9.  Support.  My husband and family were nice about not offering me food or giving me huge cooking responsibilities. That is helpful.

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10.  Stick with it.  Once the three days are over, all the hard work is moot if I quickly go back to my old ways.

Tomorrow morning I plan to go to Whole Foods and stock up on fresh foods so I can stick with the clean eating as the days move on.

I would love to hear if you have done any cleanses and if you have any tips to share.  If you haven’t before, do you want to try a three-day juice cleanse?  

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