Recycle K-Cups and Grow Vegetables

Recycle K-Cups and Grow Vegetables

Amongst other worries with coffee K-Cups, my main concern is the major waste the plastic cups are creating.  I was thrilled when I discovered a fantastic use for recycling them and growing vegetables.

photo 1-21It actually became a great project for the kids and I.  I began by scooping out and saving all the coffee grounds.  Coffee grounds are packed with nutrients that actually help your plants to grow.  Next, my boy helped me to rinse out each cup.

photo 2-24

My girl enjoyed writing the names of the plants on the cups.  We used beets, tomatoes and carrots.

photo 4-10

We took turns spooning soil (mixed with a little coffee grounds) into the cups.  I also tried to use toilet paper rolls to plant in addition to the K-Cups.

photo 3-13

Next, we carefully added a few seeds to each cup and finished with a little more soil on top.  Then we sprayed with water and it was time to wait.

photo 3-12

Everyday my kids and I would excitedly check to see if anything had grown yet.  The beets were first.

photo 4-9

It took patience, but eventually the tomatoes began to sprout.

photo 5-4

Eventually the carrots joined in too.

photo 1-22

We are planning to transfer them into the ground next weekend.  Fingers crossed we can be munching on fresh vegetables in a few months.

What are you growing this spring? 

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