We deserve more from our doctors

We deserve more from our doctors

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Hopefully you will never need the constant care of a doctor. The problem is you never know when that might happen. When the diagnosis comes, the best thing you can get is a good doctor as fast as possible.

When I was diagnosed with MS and admitted to the hospital, I was comfortable with and listened to by the neurologist on rounds during my stay. Unfortunately, her area of expertise isn’t multiple sclerosis, although she recommended two “very good ones.”

The first one I met with turned me off immediately when she typed every word I said without as much as a glance over at me. Between questions, she read off the screen in front of her. When I asked if next time I could see her “partner”, I was told there was no crossing over of doctors in the same practice. As much as the doctor may be the best in their field, as a patient, I deserve to be looked and and listened to.

I left that practice and went to a different hospital. One that is farther away from my house and not as fancy (weird word to describe a hospital, but when you might be spending a lot of time there, clean bathrooms and a healthy food court can make a difference), but I at least found a doctor that listened to me. He listens so well that he is often running hours late.

Obviously, “qualified” is critical in choosing a doctor. Also high on the list is availability. I might have found the best neurologist and multiple sclerosis doctor in Chicago, but if I have to call his office repeatedly without a response, is it worth it? Or am I asking for too much?

I personally know many hard working and smart doctors. They take patients that can’t afford healthcare and volunteer their time. Some doctors go above and beyond their job description to make sure their patients are comfortable.

Then there are the ones who file their patients in and out, barely even looking them in their eyes.

Do we deserve more from our doctors?

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