King Spa: An Oasis in a Strip Mall

King Spa: An Oasis in a Strip Mall
Don't judge a book by its cover.

How was this my first time at King Spa and Sauna?

Vacation always brings my husband and I to this awesome place of love.  There are periods of time we have a hard time finding that when we have the stresses of work, the kids, dog and other chaos of our life.  Obviously, we cannot afford a vacation every month and need to find alternative ways to spend alone time together without the distractions of daily life (i.e. electronics).

We found an oasis 30 minutes from our home in Niles, Illinois called King Spa and Sauna.  My husband and a lady I talked to in the hot tub told me these are common in Asia, but the only one I know of in Illinois.

After passing the kids over to my parents at a gas station, we parked in a strip mall and followed arrows to the front door of the spa.

It was clean and quiet.  After we checked in, we were given a wristband with a numbered key and an outfit.  I said goodbye to my husband as we entered into the unknown and planned to meet in roughly an hour.

In the women’s spa there is a room where everyone is naked.  It has three different temperature hot tubs, plus a cold tub.  There are showers and interesting ones where you can sit and clean yourself.  There were massages going on in little sectioned off, but not private areas.  The masseuses were only wearing bras and underwear and literally kneeling on top of their clients.

It was unusual, but oddly normal to sit in a tub talking to two other naked women that are Chicago Public School teachers.  After they started talking about ISAT testing I took that as my cue to move on.

They give you an outfit to put on for the unisex part of the spa.  It is a t-shirt and shorts – I loved it.  It is comfortable and suddenly everyone is equal.

I love this outfit.  No judgement and so comfortable.

I love this outfit. No judgment and so comfortable.

I wandered into the main room and found a seat in a soft pink chair.  I noticed an eating area to the right that looked like it had tea, smoothies and Korean dishes including my favorite Bim Bim Bop.  We had eaten before we came, so didn’t get to try the food court out, although I would next time for sure.

Amongst the pink chairs there are different saunas.  On the wall next to them explains the benefits for each.  We went in Salt, Mud, Amethyst, Gold and others.  Then there was a cold one which felt great after the super hot sauna that reminded me of a sweat lodge.

You can buy water there, but I would suggest brining a water bottle as all the sweating makes you thirsty.

Some of the saunas you sit others you lay down and they are all very quiet. After experiencing about half of them I told my husband I wanted to see the rooms upstairs that you could sleep in.  They had TVs on mute and my husband enjoyed watching the college basketball game.  The lounge chairs were comfortable and some around us were sleeping.

Next we went back to the do the final saunas before leaving.  We had plans at night and needed time to shower and get ready.  But, we agreed we would go back when we had a day and night with nothing to do and stay longer.  There were a few kids there, but I am not sure how long my kids would last.

Both my husband and I were relaxed and we got the time we needed to reconnect.  Oddly though we didn’t even talk much.

I’m going back soon, who wants to join me? 

Did I mention they have a movie room too?

This is not a sponsored or paid for post, I just want to tell you about this awesome hidden gem just outside of Chicago.  

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