BP Spills Oil in Lake Michigan: Do you drink tap water?

BP Spills Oil in Lake Michigan: Do you drink tap water?
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I do sometimes.

We have filtered water on our fridge and honestly it is pretty slow.  In the morning when I’m rushing to get the kids off and to school I sometimes quickly fill two glasses of water from the sink.  My kids call it sewer water.  Essentially it is and more.

BP confirmed that crude oil has leaked into Lake Michigan this week.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “BP said a mixture of heavy and light oil somehow leaked into a sealed cooling system that circulates water between Lake Michigan and the refinery. Oil is never supposed to come in direct contact with the cooling water.”


When I’m being lazy and quickly fill my water bottle with tap water, baby Ruby often pops in my mind.

Ruby was the baby of my friend Jenna who succumbed to birth defects congruent with atrazine.

Atrazine, an herbicide that affects the water supply via run-off after it’s applied to crops, has been proven to cause harm to human health and the EPA does little to control it.

“Private companies have gone quite far to keep the public from knowing about the horrendous effects of atrazine, for example, stalking and disparaging the scientist who proved the harm caused.  His name is Tyrone Hayes and his safety and jeopardy have been in peril since his findings were made public.” Jenna explained.

I’m now seriously considering a universal filter for my house and a reverse osmosis system for the drinking faucet.

All this information overwhelms me, but it is very real.  Tap water is used in restaurants, at schools and many homes.  Beyond the drinking water, we also have showers, teeth brushing and hand washing to worry about.

Will you stop drinking tap water? 

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