To my love on Valentine's Day

To my love on Valentine's Day
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Dear Love,

When you married me ten years ago, I’m sure you didn’t think twice when you confidently vowed, “In sickness and in health.”

You didn’t expect to fill my daily pillbox for the week every Sunday.

You never thought you would be accompanying me to neurologist appointments where many of the husbands push their spaced out wives in wheelchairs.

You didn’t know our nighttime discussions would be about medical research and stem cell treatments.

You assumed your wife would be ice skating and sledding with your children, instead of lying in bed struggling to get warm.

You never suspected you would work hard all day and then come home to do my “job.”

You didn’t think you would be sending me text messages daily to see how I am feeling.

I am sorry I am not the energetic, healthy girl that you married.

I am sorry I have multiple sclerosis.

We don’t need to celebrate with an overpriced heart-shaped dinner, because my heart couldn’t be bigger and happier to have you as my partner in life.




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