The MS Monster is Back

The MS Monster is Back
This is what I see.

“No, it can’t happen this weekend.” I told myself as I strolled through the grocery store picking up ingredients for smitten kitchen’s breakfast pizza I was planning to make as a surprise for my husband’s birthday the next day.

As I attempted to find a shallot (shouldn’t it be near the onions) my left eye started to blur.

“Maybe I’m just hot.” I thought as I took off my hat and loosened my scarf.  “I can’t have a multiple sclerosis exacerbation the weekend of my husband’s birthday and the Super Bowl.  We have so many fun plans.” I said to no one in particular.

All weekend long I ignored the eye and made the breakfast pizza and hid clues around the house for a scavenger hunt as the kids squealed almost more excited for Dad’s birthday than their very own.

I did my best to ignore the fact I was looking through wax paper on my left side as we laughed at Second City; brunched at The Publican and ate the Seven Layer Dip.

Monday morning I called my doctor and the next 36 hours have involved phone calls, waiting, texts from worried husband and Mom, eye appointments, mean nurses, phone calls, messages and waiting.

The opthamalogist confirmed I had an early case of optic neuritis and I am still waiting to hear from my neurologist regarding treatment and if I am going to have to do oral or intravenous steroids.

For now, I wait, seeing the world at about 75%.  As foggy as things are, I continue to live life and teach and practice yoga (as well as parent and cook dinner). A little lack of vision can actually provide clarity.

Have you ever experience optic neuritis?  I would love to hear about your treatment or experience as this is my first time experiencing this.  

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