How do working moms do it?

How do working moms do it?
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Every single day I am grateful that I am able to be a Stay at Home Mom.  In reality  I work part-time, but my flexible schedule allows me to be there for every pick up, drop off and doctor’s appointment.   There are days when I wonder if I would be better suited to be in an office and do my work quietly in my cubicle instead of taking deep breaths as I play “dollies” for the fourth time of the day (mind you it is 9:12 a.m.).  Then I remember how working moms have the hardest job in the world and I wonder how do they do it?

How do working moms wake up early, shower, get dressed in nice clothes and commute to a eight plus hour day of work, but also get their kids dressed, lunches packed and prepared for the day?

While these superwomen do important business matters, that also have their kids in the back of their mind.  Did they eat their lunch?  Will they remember to go to the Y after school?  Normal mom worries, but magnified when they are so far away and you have to trust and put faith in others.

Guilt.  Ugh, I feel guilty when I miss a classroom Halloween party for one kid when I’m at the other’s class.  Working moms must use a sick day for those exhausting parties, which is hard in this never ending winter of colds, strep throat and pink eye. Most sicks days are forced to be used to care for your little one.  When Mom is sick she goes to work anyway.

How do working moms come home from a busy, stressful day to suddenly make dinner, help with homework and deal with bed time?  Then there is the guilt again if they have to work late or have a dinner meeting that they can’t be there to kiss their sweet children goodnight.

It is important not to lose yourself when you become a parent.  Sadly, I’ve seen many who have 100% devoted themselves to their children.  While, kids are our everything, they grow up and it is crucial to have more to you then being a mom.

To the moms that enjoy their jobs, you are lucky to do what you love. Bravo for setting an example for your children to follow.  They see you work hard for your money.  It must feel rewarding to spend your deservedly earned paycheck to help support your family.

I admire working women and wonder how they have it all together.  To me they are Super Moms.

I hesitated and struggled to write this piece because in my opinion all moms are incredible.  Many of us are simply doing the best we can and all of us feel guilt.  Let’s not judge, let’s support one another.

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