My science writing debut

My science writing debut

My husband often googles multiple sclerosis to see what new research is out there.  He forwards the articles I may find interesting or informative.

Yesterday, I received an email with the subject – “Read this, Cool.” (Admittedly I don’t read them all).

Imagine my surprise when I read this article in Bio News, The one where I was quoted in a SCIENCE publication.

Here were my observations in order of happening.

1. “Wow, they are quoting ME?”

2. Am I qualified to be quoted about multiple sclerosis?

3. I guess I am because I do live with it everyday.

4. Should I stop using my alias Yoga Mom and use my REAL name to be more credible?

5. Maybe I can bring more attention to MS and how temperature affects our bodies.

6. Should I have been contacted by the publication before quoting me repeatedly?

7. Or is information on the Internet fair game?

I’m happy to know my words can be helpful.

Sending healing, warm vibes to all those that are affected by this never-ending winter we are having.

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