Finding my mantra

Finding my mantra

I’m reading Judith Lasater’s Living Your Yoga. She does a nice job of suggesting several mantras for daily living broken up into different sections of the book including Self-Judgment, Letting Go, Patience and Faith.  Here are some of them I relate to.

My life is a work in progress.

All the answers are within me.

Life is practice: practice is life.

I can always make a choice.

There is enough time.

Perfect is an illusion. 

It is a good time of year to find a mantra, as we are all cold and possibly a little stir crazy. After reading and reflecting, I found one that I am going to use.

I give myself fully to each moment. 

Those seven words really spoke to me.  Am I ever fully present?  I am playing with my kids while I am looking at my phone, cleaning, cooking dinner and talking to my husband. I hope to slow down and focus on one task at a time and really appreciate what I am doing as mundane as it may be.

This mantra is one of the many reasons why I love yoga.  There are no distractions on my mat and it is the only place I am fully committed to being present in the moment.

I will repeat my mantra as I move forward.

Do you relate to any of the above mantras or do you have your own?

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