Rest in Peace, Grandma

Rest in Peace, Grandma

Yesterday we said goodbye to my Grandma, who peacefully passed away on Friday at the age of 95.  It was a cold morning at the graveside, but warmed by friends and family who all agreed my grandmother was a women to be honored.

Of course, I wanted to speak as a tribute to the special lady she was, but I worried no words could accurately describe the unique relationship we had.  It was also important to keep it short as temps were below freezing and there were four others speaking.

Here is what I ended up reading.

 Dear Grandma,

It was hard for me to watch you sick the past few years, because I always wanted to remember you as the cool grandma that took me on a Princess Cruise for my bat mitzvah.  The grandma that dressed up as an M& M for my Halloween Party and did a dance with my other grandma to Me and My Shadow for an 80’s birthday party.

I remember you as the thoughtful lady that attempted to sew me my own cabbage patch doll out of panty house and buttons and the one that bought me a sewing machine and later a guitar and supported my weekly lessons.

As I got older our lunches were always scheduled and special as we talked about boys, creativity and the future.

My grandma loved life. She traveled. She had many friends.  She was extremely artistic and she loved my grandpa, her boyfriends, her children, grandchildren and friends.

I am happy to know she is now in a place of peace with many people whose lives she has touched in the past 95 years.

She left this earth with grace and as my eight year old said as we said our goodbyes, “Rest in Peace.”



I know she would proud to be written about here and I thank you all for allowing me to share this special lady with you.
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