I Survived the ChicagoNow Holiday Party

Last night was the much-anticipated party for ChicagoNow bloggers.  In years past I’ve brought my husband or sister as my plus one, but this time decided to go at it alone.

Not intimidating at all to walk into a room of hundreds that you have only previously talked to from behind your computer screen.

My memory is bad and I attempted to document the evening with some photos taken from my iPhone.

This morning I woke up to many, horribly dark photos in which I could barely make out the happy folk.  When I squinted I found a few moments that were worth lightening up.

These writers a) have the best parties and b) are the most interesting, smart and genuine people that I get to hang out with. Please take a moment to click on their names in the photo gallery to read their work.

Did I mention there was karaoke?

Apologies in advance if I omitted or messed up your name (remember I have a bad memory).  Please let me know if you are in these photos and I’ll add you.  

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