Do vacations improve communication in marriage?

Do vacations improve communication in marriage?
We bought a padlock, wrote our name on it, attached it to the Ponts des Arts bridge and threw the keys in the Seine below wishing to memorialize our love.

I’m still recovering from jet lag from, in my eyes, the perfect vacation – six days in Paris with my husband.  We slept late, leisurely enjoyed decadent meals, walked, explored and talked. We have not had the opportunity to talk this much in years.

On the long plane ride home, we discussed why our communication is so much better miles away from home.  Obviously, kids and work are in the way during real life; but there are some other reasons our relationship improves miles away from Chicago.

1.  No TV. This was easy in France as all the television is in French.  It is amazing what happens when the boob tube is off – plus we sat next to each other and read books.

2. Three meals a day together.  The two of us sat down and talked over long, relaxed breakfasts, lunches and dinners daily.  We were never rushed.

3.  No cars.  Instead of speeding from point A to B we walked off our gluttonous meals, despite the rain, and talked.  We chatted about our observations of French culture, reminisced about our crazy and stupid college days, laughed about our kids and brainstormed future goals and how we can accomplish them.

4.  Limited electronics. I didn’t bring my computer and had spotty access to WIFI.  Our phones were never out unless we were in the hotel (or taking a photo).  It is amazing how much better we hear each other without phones in our sight. This article was originally written in my journal on the plane.

Sadly since we have arrived home almost immediately things changed.  We have bigger decisions than what museum to visit today;  there are mini humans to parent, stress of work, money, owning a home and everyday hurdles.

I hope Paris taught us something about the power of communication and we don’t quickly slip back into our old bad habits.  I’ll keep you posted.

Any tips or advice? How do you keep communication strong with your partner? 

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