Eight quick steps to painted pumpkins

Eight quick steps to painted pumpkins
Before and After

We are in a full on pumpkin pandemonium.  Sadly, the squirrels came in and took bites out our carefully carved pumpkins the morning after we carved them.  Discouraged I decided to try something new that will keep the critters away and spruce up our pumpkins this year.


Here are eight quick steps to painted pumpkins.

1.  Purchase spray paint.  If you live in Chicago, you must travel to the suburbs to buy your paint and don’t be surprised that it is under lock and key (the same thing they do with razor blades).  I chose black and gold although any color would work.

2.  Change your clothes.  I’ve learned my lesson that hard way and ruined a very cute and new top.  Even if you think you will not get the paint on you, you will because the wind will blow and it will be on your jacket, shoes and jeans and it is permanent.

3.  Lay out a tarp. See above.

4.  Clean pumpkins.  You would be surprised how much dirt and debris is attached your pumpkin.  Make sure to dry it too.

5. Shake can for about one minute.

6. Spray evenly, let dry for a few minutes and repeat.

7.  Turn over to paint the bottom of the pumpkin.  Rotate to make sure you get all sides.

8.  Let dry.


This easy craft really spices up the Halloween decor and keeps the squirrels far, far away.

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