My favorite links of the week

My favorite links of the week

I’m still suffering from neck pain and now it has moved to my shoulder.  Lying down doesn’t seem to heal it but luckily I do get relief from yoga and massage.  I hope the end of this injury is near as I’m getting impatient and frustrated.

In the meantime I am reading your articles; here are my favorite links of the week.


Five facts about sugar to read before you dive into the Halloween candy.

How to treat a burn using honey. 

Learn all about oil pulling and how it is a miraculous mouth detox.

Seven foods you should definitely buy organic.

Halloween costumes for men with glasses. 

The inspiring Chicago Marathoner that took over 16 hours to cross the finishing line. 

A disturbing video from Peta that confirms why I am done with The Ringling Brothers Circus.

What have you been reading this link?  Share your links in the comments below.


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