Every kid should wear a seat belt

Every kid should wear a seat belt

I drove one of my son’s buddys home from school the other day.  I patiently waited for everyone to fasten their seat belts before putting the car in drive.

When I turned around and asked the sweet boy why he wasn’t fastening his safety belt, he instinctively replied. “I don’t wear mine in my car.”

“In my car, you MUST wear a seat belt.” I answered firmly.

He politely obliged.   The conversation was over in his mind, but not mine.  I couldn’t stop imagining him, his brother and my son ejected out the front window when a car behind them’s driver was looking at his cell phone.

Although this was just my over active imagination, it is a very possibility of reality.

Everyone should wear a seat belt, it is the law, but especially light weight children that can be severely injured or killed when not strapped in.

It may surprise you I am not a crazy strict mom.  I never freaked out about my kids falling down the stairs or from the monkey bars.  Kids get injured and it is good for them to fall down and get hurt.  Injuries heal, death doesn’t.

According to the National Organization of Youth Safety, “Among passenger vehicle occupants over age 4, seat belts saved an estimated 13,250 lives in 2008.  If all passenger vehicle occupants over age 4 had worn seat belts, 17,402 could have been saved.”

Now I’m stuck with the awkward conservation why my son can’t go in the car with his buddy.

I cannot think of one reason not to.  Put your seat belt on, set a good example and make sure your kids are securely buckled in.

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