Jack Osbourne brings awareness to MS on Dancing with the Stars

Jack Osbourne brings awareness to MS on Dancing with the Stars

I haven’t watched “Dancing with the Stars” in years, but this season I tuned into the premiere specifically to see one “star;” Jack Osbourne.

Osbourne, 27, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012 is “Dancing With the Stars” and using the show as a platform to help others afflicted with the disease.

“Physically right now, I’m good,” he told ABC News at the “DWTS” cast reveal. “There’s not that many young people that have the disease that are in entertainment and do speak up about it.”

His smooth Foxtrot with partner Cheryl Burke was upbeat and MS or not, I couldn’t believe how light on his feet he was and how precise his footwork appeared.  I guess it makes sense to have great rhythm when you are the child of musician Ozzy Osbourne.  He scored 23 out of 30 points.

I applauded at the end of his dance even though I was the only one in the room.  I felt proud because I know how hard something as easy as dancing can be.  The judges although mostly positive, critiqued his turns and I instinctively assumed MS affects his balance. I cannot imagine how he endured a long grueling rehearsal schedule with the fatigue that comes along with the disease.

The next day Teva Pharmaceuticals, a leading global pharmaceutical company, donated $100,000 to the National MS Society.   Mike Derkacz, Vice president and General Manager, Teva CNS comments are below.

“Teva is happy to continue our long-standing partnership with the National MS Society.  Our goals align – the ongoing support of, and commitment to the MS community — and for Teva, that commitment dates back more than twenty years.  We are proud to make this donation to the National MS Society and recognize the great work they do for people who live with MS and RRMS, like Jack Osbourne. We wish Jack well as he competes on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’”

I hope each week Jack comes back to that stage and shows the world that MS is an invisible disease that 400,00 people in The United States suffer from.  The new dad chose to be a part of “Dancing with the Stars” to bring awareness to multiple sclerosis and I think after one night he has done just that.

Watch the video of Osbourne’s performance on September 16 below.

Jack and Cheryl – Foxtrot – Dancing with the Stars by televisionpromos

Who are you rooting for on “Dancing with the Stars?”

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