Ten things to know before your first yoga class

Ten things to know before your first yoga class
Quote in front of Tula Yoga Studio in Chicago.

It is common that friends and strangers tell me, “I really want to try yoga, but I am not good” or “I am not flexible” or “I have no idea what to expect.”

Luckily, I have ten tips for you to make your first class an awesome, unintimidating experience.

1. Dress comfortable.  No need for any name brand clothes, just something you can move and sweat in.

2. Don’t worry, no one is going to look at the size of your butt, thighs or arms.

3. Bring a water bottle.

4. No need to bring a mat.  Most studios have ones you can borrow, a few make you pay a dollar or so to rent.

5. Eat a light meal or snack before class or even better wait until after to eat as too much food will be uncomfortable during class.

6. Don’t be shy.  Walk in and ask where the changing room, bathroom and studio is located.  The staff at studios tend to be nice and helpful.

7. Find a spot in the studio to lie out your mat.  You don’t have to be in the back corner. Make sure you can see the teacher.

8. Double check that your phone is turned off and put it in designated areas for purses, shoes etc.

9. Take off your socks; yoga is practiced barefoot.

10. Let go, listen to your body, breathe and enjoy.

Any tips to add to my list? When are you going to try your first yoga class? 

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