Dairy-free eating: does it work?

Dairy-free eating: does it work?

Since October when the holistic doctor gave me a test and revealed I was allergic to dairy, I’ve been really strict about eliminating it from diet.  It isn’t difficult anymore; it quickly has become part of my life.

I’m the one at the restaurant asking if each component of my meal includes dairy, and I’m the one who has to refuse warm home baked cookies.  There are times when I would love a piece of pizza, a bite of my kids mac and cheese or ice cream, but for the most part I am able to pass as I’m hoping it is improving my health.

At my doctor’s appointment I was told my MRI looked good and the MS lesions were shrinking.  I thought hopefully the dairy-free diet had part in this successful report.   My doc, who I trust, said it logically doesn’t make sense that dairy would affect the nerves and the brain in this way.  He also agreed it was difficult to get data on this study and went so far as calling those that publish books saying dairy will “cure” MS “Con Men.”

Here I am stuck with the decision, should I continue this diet or begin to reintroduce cheese, milk and butter into my diet to observe if I feel different?

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