Both kids are in school - now what?

Both kids are in school - now what?

There have been countless moments in the last 7 plus years that I have reminded myself that in only a few years my kids would be in school full time and I would finally have a moment to myself.  To be alone to go to the bathroom, to grocery shop, to drive, to cook, to read emails and all the other mundane tasks I have gotten used to doing with one or two little ones by my side (or literally attached to me).

I remember pushing the double stroller while carrying both of my children.  One had poop in her pants, and the other was tantruming in my arms flailing in all directions.  Also, I had to pee.

Then there was the time when I had a splitting headache and needed 5 minutes of quiet to close my eyes, but all I could hear was, “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mama, Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!”

I still cannot smile about the time my daughter peed gallons all over the fancy leather chair as my son was getting his eyes checked.

Or the times the kids are fighting, or trashing my just clean house, or not listening, or screaming, or any of those moments when I thought


Today is that glamorous day I have waited for.

As I kissed my kindergartener goodbye and she confidently walked into her school still squeezing my hand tight, I weakly applauded myself for crossing that proverbial finish line.  Tears streamed out from under my sunglasses and I turned back to my car wondering where I should go.

Why do I feel so empty, alone and sad when I should be celebrating?


 Are you sad sending your kids back to school or are you celebrating?

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