Goldfish Swim School: A different way to learn to swim

Goldfish Swim School: A different way to learn to swim

As far as activities go, I am mildly open to allowing my kids to voice what they want to sign up for as I enjoy watching them find and follow their interests.  Except for the one non-negotiable must in my house: swimming.  Yes, swimming is fun and great exercise, but it is also a life or death skill.

I hope my children can feel comfortable in the water and I look forward to the days I can again be able to enjoy the pool or beach without worrying that my child could drown.

My son learned to swim at the Y and it was fascinating to watch him practice and progress and ultimately pass the swim test that allowed him freedom during camp free swim.

Child #2, who makes nothing easy, wouldn’t have anything to do with the Y’s pool.  Magically when I began talking about Goldfish Swim School she became intrigued.  I showed her some photos of the colorful space (that looks nothing like the bland Y) on the computer and like music to my ears she shouted, “Yes! I want to swim there!”

It reminds me of Key Lime Cove.  As soon as I walked in I got a vacation vibe, which is just what I needed at that moment. I sat on a comfortable chair and watched my daughter laughing and swimming through the giant window.

Goldfish Swim School has some flotation devices that I haven’t seen at other venues and within minutes my girl was putting her head under water with a smile on her face.  The teacher was engaged and enthusiastic and gave her a ribbon after class that she was very proud of.

The changing areas were clean and carpeted making the experience of removing the wet bathing suit much more pleasant than I envisioned in my mind.

“That was fun.  That was really fun!” She bounced out of there.  “I want to go to Goldfish Swim School again.”

Call Goldfish Swim School at (773) 588-7946.  It is located 2630 West Bradley Rd. Chicago, IL 60618.  Click here for more information. 


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