Craft Time: Turn a boring wood chair into a fun wood chair

Craft Time: Turn a boring wood chair into a fun wood chair
Before and After

At the Roscoe Village Garage Sale a few weeks ago, I found two unusual wood chairs for five dollars each.  I created a nice little sitting area by the one beautiful tree in our city-size backyard.

I lounged in one on the sunny morning sipping my morning tea and watching my kids jump on the four dollar trampoline (another garage sale score). Feeling crafty, I spontaneously decided the chairs needed a little color.

After dropping my girl at school, I swung by Home Depot excited for a crafty afternoon and was shocked to learn buying spray paint is illegal in Chicago. I later discovered this law was passed in 1995 by the Supreme Court to help prevent graffiti and vandalism.  It makes sense to me, as I want to keep our city looking clean, but still bummed I had to trek to the burbs for my paint.

I didn’t give color much thought besides I wanted something bright and the turquoise jumped out at me.  My daughter petitioned for pink, but she was quickly out numbered as my color blind son voted for the bright blue.

Here are six tips I learned as I turned my chairs from blah to wow.

1. This paint is highly toxic.  I felt buzzed spraying it.  Plan smart, making sure you are outside and even hold breath or cover face when spraying.

2.  Spread out an old sheet, newspaper, or tablecloth and be aware of your surroundings as the spray spreads with the wind.  Even after my husband’s warning, I got a little paint on the grass and my phone.


3. Tape any areas you do not want to get painted.  These chairs have a fabric back and the tape helped to keep that free of paint.

4.  Spray evenly and let dry in between each of 3 coats.

5. Be mindful of edges and corners.

6. Plan for one can of paint per chair.

The chairs went from dirty to bright in a few hours. This project can easily be started, finished and cleaned up before the kids get home from school or camp.


What do you think I should paint next?  

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