Two ChicagoNow bloggers in a bar: unintended inspiration found

Two ChicagoNow bloggers in a bar: unintended inspiration found
Erin Skibinski Photo by: Sabrina Persico

Today I have a very special Guest Post from the incredible Erin Skibinski.  Her story blows my mind. For a “stranger” to tell you that you have inspired them and made a difference in their life is pretty much my life goal.  Before you read Erin’s story, I quickly want to share mine.

My mom and I went to Listen to Your Mother a few Sunday ago.  Afterwards we went to the cast party at a bar down the street.  We sat down in the beer garden drinking wine and discussing the show and all of the performers and their stories.

We agreed our favorite was the first woman who bravely stood on that stage telling a hysterical story of her struggle to be the perfect mom.  I related to her every word.

Now read the rest of this serendipitous story from Erin.  Also that stranger has turned into a friend.  Check out her blog here.


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Just over a week ago, I had two pretty amazing experiences back to back. The first was being a cast member of the second annual Chicago Listen To Your Mother Show. It was my first time ever performing like that in front of a crowd that large, and I was reeling from the experience.

Afterwards, we went out to grab a bite to eat and a cocktail. As I was talking with my husband, a woman approached me to tell me she really enjoyed my performance. She said she was so glad she came to the show with her daughter, who is also a blogger for ChicagoNow. When I asked her who her daughter is, she said, “Oh, she is Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom.”

My eyes got wide, and I excused myself from the table with my husband, friend, and brother-in-law, and said, “Please introduce me to your daughter!”

I was thrilled.

 ChicagoNow is a family. We all support each other, but don’t often have the time to see each other in person very often. So, when I have the chance to see one of my fellow writers, I am typically pretty excited, but I was beyond excited to finally meet Beth.


 Well, I have always been writing. Keeping a journal as a kid, detailing experiences in scrapbooks, keeping notes to remember moments, but I did not start blogging until about nine months ago. I started a blog that chronicles everything I do around the house and with my family.

 About two months after I started blogging on my own site, my husband sent me this article by Beth. 

When I read Beth’s words, I was definitely inspired. I had read other blogs before, but this was one of those ones that made me say, “Me TOO!” She was so honest, and open, and I was relieved and happy to feel like I was not the only one who felt this way. After reading, I commented.

The comment where it all began.

The comment where it all began.

This was the first ChicagoNow blog I had read (sorry Jimmy), and Beth’s words made me want to be a part of it all. I thought if everyone who blogs for Chicago Now was as amazing as Beth (which they are by the way), I would love to be a part of such an experience. About 24 hours after reading several of Beth’s posts, and learning more about ChicagoNow, I submitted a pitch.

 The rest is, as they say, history!

 So, when I had a chance to meet the woman who inspired my coming to ChicagoNow, who inspired me to write more, and who helped give me a little confidence in thinking that people my want to hear what I have to say too, I jumped at that chance, and wanted to say, “THANK YOU!”

 Beth is as lovely in person as she is on “paper” and I am elated that I finally got to meet the person that was the inspiration to South of I-80.


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