How to have your house smell like Pottery Barn

How to have your house smell like Pottery Barn

When you enter a home a first impression is made.  Often we assume our eyes do all the work as we take in the decor, colors and textures that are initially apparent when a door opens.

I always notice the smell.  I can remember homes from my childhood, not by the furniture or curtains but by the scent that filled me up as soon as I walked in the entryway.

My house has a lot of smells, not all good.  Inside the house lives kids, a dog and two adults, one that likes to cook.  Between the kids and the dog poop, pee and vomit are sadly common.

Baking produces beautiful, warm, chocolate cookie smells that I would love my house to always smell like.  But, cooking sometimes leaves odors that I do not enjoy.  Fish, onions and garlic all linger way after dinner is cleaned up.

I’ve try to avoid air fresheners with chemicals and have tried burning candles and diffusers.  Some work temporarily, but I’ve never found the scent right for my home.

Then one night stumbling around Pinterest I saw it.  The fragrance that claims to be what Pottery Barn smells like.

Now, I’ve never been inside Pottery Barn, but I have seen their catalogs and I can tell from the photos that the store smells like Christmas morning or some equally fabulous cozy moment.

All you need is lemon juice, vanilla and rosemary (which I have growing in the garden.)  I threw them into the crock-pot, added a little water and waited.

My son asked if I was making pizza.

My husband assumed cookies.

My girl said she couldn’t smell anything because she had boogers in her nose.

The sweet pine smell is delicate and doesn’t over power the room.  That being said it didn’t exactly waft through the house. So I moved the crock-pot upstairs to allow the scent to freshen there as well.  For once my house smelled pretty fabulous.


I still haven’t figured out if Pottery Barn has a hundred little crock-pots throughout their store.

Do you have a secret for keeping your home smelling fresh? 


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