Every parent's worst nightmare

Every parent's worst nightmare
Letter from Principal

This letter came home from school last week.

If you don’t have time or care to read the above, in sum it says a man came onto school property and told a student his mother was sleeping and to come home with him instead.  Luckily, the child ran away from the man and immediately found his mother and reported the incident.

The school and neighborhood sent out these letters and I noticed an extra cop car at the school this morning. I talked to both of my kids and they made it pretty clear that they both know never to go anywhere with someone they do not recognize.  In actuality, the chance that this could happen to one of my kids is very rare.

My mind still obsesses over this near abduction despite the long weekend.   The heart wrenching fear that your child could be taken from you at any minute is hard to stomach.

I hate to allow my thoughts go in that direction.  The one filled with “what ifs” and “could haves.” Once a note like the above is found in my seven year old’s backpack, it is quite a challenge to avoid it.

Do you worry about your children? How do you make sure they are prepared to stay away from strangers? 

UPDATED: This sketch was released of the suspect.  If anyone recognizes the suspect or sees him, they should call detectives at (312) 744-8200.



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