Don't say love Mom, it's embarrassing

Don't say love Mom, it's embarrassing
I'm the worst mom ever.

“Mom, something really embarrassing happened at school today.”  My boy told me as I picked him up from his Lego Architects after school program.

“Oh no! What happened?” I responded envisioning his pants falling down or him having an accident in the bathroom.

“The notes you wrote me in my lunch fell out and some kids in my class found them and were laughing at me.” He blurted out.

First of all, how cute is that he saves all of my notes in the pocket of his lunchbox?  Second: why are kids mean?

“Why were they laughing?” Scanning my brain to remember if I wrote anything besides “Have a great day!” that would embarrass my first grader.

“You wrote the “L” word.” His voice rose.

My mind ran through a list of incriminating “L” words: Loud, Lucky, Laughter…it hit me; LOVE!

“Is the “L” word love, I asked?”

“Ew, you said the word love.


Now I can relate, I clearly remember feeling embarrassed as a child.  My Halloween costume made me blush and I was full on humiliated when my mom called a guy that I liked’s MOM to see if she was going to be home while I was there.  Also, I was in HIGH SCHOOL.

Despite my mom trying to keep me safe and looking out for me, I never felt shameful about the love my family had.

Once I collected myself, I calmly tried to explain how lucky he is to have parents, grandparents, aunts, a sister and cousins that love him.  There is nothing embarrassing about that.

We talked about how some kids don’t have two parents that love each other and others might not have four grandparents.  Sadly, some first graders might not live with a family that loves each other.  Or maybe the kids who found the notes were jealous because their Mom doesn’t put notes in their lunch.

Seems simple to a thirty five year old, but apparently seven year olds think kissing and hugging is gross.  My words weren’t getting across to my little boy and when all else fails, I turn to music.

I’m pretty sure I saw an eye roll, although I did hear him humming this tune before bed.


I guess my days of writing love notes to my boy are over.


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