Mom Brain Versus MS Brain

Mom Brain Versus MS Brain
My family affectionally calls me Mrs. Forgetful.

One of the many symptoms of multiple sclerosis includes fogginess, memory loss and confusion.  I have noticed those qualities recently.  When I share my new forgetfulness with my friends, they unanimously tell me those are qualities that we all experience as busy, sleep-deprived moms. Maybe they are trying to make me feel better, or maybe this happens as we get older.

Here, I will shamefully list my mistakes and hope you will honestly let me know if you experience these, or something similar.

1. Although I’m always aware of the day of the week and our schedule, I often need to refer the calendar for the exact date.

2. I did once have to double check if it was 2013 or 2014.

3.  I am searching for my missing phone at least once a day.

4. About once a week I can’t find my keys.

5. I don’t remember the names of the moms at the new school (there are 28 of them plus I know their kids names).

6. We feed our dog twice a day.  Twice a day, my husband asks if I fed the dog and I can’t remember.

Be honest.  Am I slowly losing it?  I’m accepting that multiple sclerosis will affect my brain function, yet wonder if I am blaming every little error on the disease.

Do you experience any of the above?

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