Mana Food Bar: Eating Meatless in Chicago

Mana Food Bar: Eating Meatless in Chicago
Beet, Arugula and Apple Salad

Lately I’ve realized that I’m not enjoying all our awesome city of Chicago has to offer.  My family has been stuck in this little bubble of our north side neighborhood and often forget the hundreds of restaurants on every corner.

Some Mondays (or days for that matter) cooking is not an option.  There are so many reasons not to cook, and one of them is Mana Food Bar.

This quaint vegetarian dinner spot doesn’t take reservations but is worth the wait. The small, dark, all wood restaurant is located on the bustling section of Division.

Mana loosely translates to “the life force in nature” or “the things magic is made of” and the small dishes I shared with my old friend used nature to make magic.

We enjoyed both a beet and quinoa salad and a cauliflower lentil curry. The portions were small, but satisfying and guilt free.  Mana serves up some not-too-sweet fruity sake drinks.

Mana is a warm, tasteful dining option for Meatless Monday or any other day of the week. The diverse menu includes vegan and gluten free items.

Mana Food Bar is located at 1742 West Division Street in Chicago. Call 773 342 1742.

What is your favorite meatless restaurant in Chicago? Next week I will be reviewing Green Zebra. 


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