Are metal fillings causing multiple sclerosis?

Are metal fillings causing multiple sclerosis?
Are braces toxic too?

Apparently back in the day dentists inserted dangerous metal fillings into our mouths.  Sometime in between then and now it has been discovered that those fillings are harmful to our bodies and they have since created a safe alternative.  I didn’t get a call from my former dentist informing me that they may have permanently put something POISONOUS in my mouth.

 Stacy Case shared her personal experience about the link between multiple sclerosis (MS) and dental mercury fillings on the January 3rd episode of CBS’s The Doctors entitled “Dangerous Toxins.”

When Case discovered that her inability to walk and other MS symptoms were triggered by her dental mercury fillings, she chronicled her journey to get well.  She was particularly shocked that, like millions of other Americans, she was not aware there was mercury in her teeth.  “It’s an injustice not to have been informed,” Case explains.

Dental amalgam fillings, often called “silver,” contain approximately 50% mercury, one of the most toxic heavy metals on earth.  Numerous studies from around the world warn of mercury and its link to neurological illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

 Read this story of Danielle who reversed her MS diagnosis by removing nickel-plated fillings, and eliminating makeup, toothpastes and sunscreens that include metals among other things.  When she returned for a follow up MRI there were ZERO lesions on her brains.

According to a health testing center, exposure over a period of time to toxic heavy metals can result in physical, muscular and neurological damages. The effect on the body when exposed long-term can resemble Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and even allergic reactions. According to the International Occupational Safety and Health Information Center, long-term exposure to heavy metals can even cause cancer.

My first step is to make an appointment with my dentist to get the two metal fillings I have removed.  Next, I hope to remove all the metal from my house.

Do you have metal fillings? What else has metal in it that I need to eliminate from my home? Can you suggest metal-free makeup and other household items?


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