Today I celebrate Donna Day by donating to pediatric cancer

Today I celebrate Donna Day by donating to pediatric cancer

Lately it seems many days I wake up tired or feel overwhelmed about everything I need to get done and then I think about Donna.  Donna reminds to me to get out of bed, look and interact with my kids while I make them breakfast.  I’ve written about Donna before.  Donna is my friend, Mary Tyler Mom’s daughter that died at the age of four from cancer.  Please read Donna’s Cancer Story, a blog series of 32 posts telling Donna’s individual story with cancer during her 31 month of treatment. It is heartbreaking, honest and hopeful.

I have a four-year-old daughter and the thought literally paralyzes me.  I wonder how can I complain about anything, when Mary Tyler Mom’s daughter died in her bed, that she continues to sleep in, and she still gets out of bed every morning and moves forward.

Here are some scary statistics about childhood cancer.

  • More US children will die from cancer than any other disease, or many other diseases combined;
  • Before the age of 20, 1 in 300 boys and 1 in 333 girls will be diagnosed with cancer;
  • worldwide, a child is diagnosed ever three minutes;
  • the cure rate for the most common form of pediatric cancer, ALL leukemia, is as high as 90%, but most other childhood cancers do not have that success rate, e.g., brain tumors have a 50/50 cure rate, and some, like DIPG, are known to be fatal with no known treatment or cure;
  • 73% of kids who survive their cancer will have chronic health problems as a result of their treatment and 42% will suffer severe or life-threatening conditions like secondary cancer.
The Donna Day campaign is raising money for St. Baldrick’s head shaving event on Saturday, March 30 in Chicago.  Last year’s event raised $79K!  This year they have many fewer heads to shave and have set a goal of $30K.  The oldest shavee is 89 years old and she is doing it with her daughter, a returning shavee.  Please go to this link to the team page  and donate to the team using the GREEN donate button.  Any amount will be awesome.  Seriously.  Many people chipping in $5 and $10 makes a HUGE difference.  Or if you are interested in shaving your head, it is not too late.  Make a difference today and donate for Donna.
Today let’s celebrate Donna and choose hope!

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