Lululemon's stock drops as sheer pants are recalled

Lululemon's stock drops as sheer pants are recalled
The scandalous pants.

I have no shame in my love affair with Lululemon.  Although the price tag is steep, I still have and wear my first pair I was gifted 7 years ago.  The pants are flattering, comfortable and versatile.  The company has been rapidly growing, as the recognizable logo appears to be a uniform in most yoga classes.

This week the successful company experienced a PR crisis when it was reported that the popular pants were being recalled due to being to sheer, also known as see through.

According to Forbes:

Lululemon, the Vancouver-based purveyor of pretty togs for yoga, just recalled about 17 percent of its stock of stretchy bottoms because they are too sheer. In a statement titled “Black Luon Pants Shortage Expected” the company said they would work with their suppliers to get stock back as soon as possible but also noted, “We expect this issue will have a significant impact on our financial results.”

Here is what Lululemon said in a statement:

“We have determined that certain shipments of product received from our factories and available in store from March 1, 2013 do not meet our technical specifications. The items affected are certain styles of women’s bottoms in our signature black Luon fabric. The ingredients, weight and longevity qualities of the pants remain the same but the coverage does not, resulting in a level of sheerness in some of our women’s black Luon bottoms that falls short of our very high standards.”

I have two questions to ask you.

1. Do you wear Lululemon pants?

2. Will this recall impact future purchases of Lululemon products?

Let’s hope yoga class doesn’t become too revealing when everyone stretches back to down dog.


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