Do your children keep kosher for Passover?

Do your children keep kosher for Passover?

Now that we are about halfway through the week of Pesach, I’ve realized that our kids are at the age that maybe they should begin to keep Passover, something my husband and I never had fully discussed before. sums up the basics of what this entails.

“According to tradition, the Israelites left Egypt in such a hurry that they weren’t able to wait for their bread to rise, so they ended up with flat crunchy cracker-like bread called matzah. During Passover, Jewish law prohibits eating or even owning anything that is leavened (hametz).”

My husband is awesome at avoiding everything in observance of Passover. Since his lunch every single day is a sandwich, he often finds himself skipping lunch – therefore easily loosing about 10 pounds during the week. On that note, he would do so well on Survivor.

I never think of Passover as a challenge as my diet doesn’t include much gluten.  That said, my husband caught me the day after the seder with a pretzel in my mouth, which apparently is not allowed.  So to say I am not strict, is an understatement.

I do not eat matzah.  It does not sit well with my stomach and year after year I’m reminded. Yet, I do make a mean matzah pizza that the kids and husband gobble up.  I also always prepare fried matzah or matzah brie – although my husband  and I debate yearly on our sweet versus salty preference of the traditional breakfast.

My seven and four year old eat cereal, bread and pasta pretty regularly.  It would be a big challenge to eliminate those grains from their diet – even if only for a week.  I also believe they need to understand the importance of why we stop eating certain foods from our diet during this holiday.

Finally, I’m confused in what you can and can’t eat.  Some say rice, some say no rice.  Corn, beans, popcorn, corn syrup – that is when I am not sure which is right and which is wrong.

Keeping passover has been a ritual that I’ve followed since I was a child.  Many years I feel I’ve done it more out of obligation than personal beliefs.  I hope when my little ones are the right age, they will find their own reason to begin to follow this tradition.

How do you observe the holiday?  Do you throw away all your chametz before Passover?  Do your kids follow your lead into keeping kosher? 


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