The Yoga Mat Tie: The easiest way to transport your yoga mat

The Yoga Mat Tie: The easiest way to transport your yoga mat

The nice folks that create the Yoga Mat Tie sent me some samples.  I appreciate this product because it is handmade by a yogi for yogis and I wanted to share it with you.

Brian Saeger lives in Boulder Colorado and has been practicing and teaching yoga since the early 90’s. He is also a massage therapist and the owner and creator of The Yoga Mat Tie. Brian takes pride in knowing he is practicing being as sustainable as possible from the creative process to delivering them to the post office by bike; no outsourcing, all personal attention.

These Yoga Mat Ties are simple to use and a fantastic yoga accessory to your yoga mat. It is quicker, easier, and less noisy than the Velcro options.
They also do a nice job at keeping studios organized.
Unsure at first as I’ve used my yoga mat bag for a while, I was surprised to notice the ease and convenience.  Instead of fumbling after class to get my mat into my bag, I now use the Yoga Mat Tie with or without my bag.

I have an extra Yoga Mat Tie to send to one of you.  Please leave a comment below and I will use on February 20th to send one of you your own handmade Yoga Mat Tie.

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