The woman behind MS Diet for Women

The woman behind MS Diet for Women

Kim was diagnosed with MS in 2010 and living a normal life. The mother is dedicating her energy into creating MS Diet for Women, a comprehensive web site with research, recipes and a community.  Her tips and grocery lists motivate and encourage me that I can heal my body with food. I had the opportunity to ask Kim some questions and many of her answers I very much can relate to.

How old were you when you were diagnosed?
I was 31.

What were your initial symptoms?

Numbness on one side of my body, severe itching and L’ermittes sign

How long before your initial flare up went away?

A few weeks

Did you ever get back to “normal”?

Yes I did but I have had an episode since that has left me with a stiff and numb feeling in my right hand. This has not gone away.

Have you noticed changes with hot and cold?

Yes, temperature feels different on a numb part of my body.

How does MS affect your family most?

I am often tired and overwhelmed and my husband has to pick up the slack. I often feel like I’m not giving my best to the kids.

Have you noticed changes in your relationship since you have been diagnosed?

My husband is more concerned about me and has become quite strict about the time I go to bed and the food I eat. He helps a lot though!

Have you tried any treatment?

No medications only changing my diet, drastically.

Do you exercise?

I haven’t for a while because it has been so cold but this is no excuse and I need to get back on track. I love exercising!

Do you follow a specific diet?

What changes in MS do you notice when you eliminate foods?
More energy, clearer head and less symptoms.
Do you every cheat?
Yes I often do have a nibble of something I shouldn’t. I do mostly stick to the diet though.How soon did you begin noticing changes in your body after you began the diet?

After around 2 weeks.

What has been the biggest challenge of MS?

Trying to keep my mind right and not dwelling on possible relapses and what results they may bring.

What has been the biggest blessing of MS?

It has led me me to this way of eating which has revolutionized my health. I really enjoy this way of eating. It is helping me feel great and keep my weight where I want it.


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