Parenthood is my favorite show on television

Parenthood is my favorite show on television

When I came home from the hospital in September, I knew my Type A never stop personality had to take a break and relax to heal myself.  Not much of a TV watcher, I asked everyone I came in contact with what their favorite, easy to watch show that I could mindlessly watch a whole season on Netflix. The answers were endless.



Mad Men

The Walking Dead

Law & Order

Boardwalk Empire

The Big Bang Theory

Melrose Place 

West Wing

I tried many of them.  Too distracted to pay attention, I ended up muting, turning off and zoning out or wasting time on Facebook.

One night I some how stumbled upon Parenthood.

It felt familiar with my boy Nate from Six Feet Under, Lauren Graham from the Gilmore Girls (not that I ever watched that show) and an old favorite Coach as the patriarch of the family.

My husband patiently watched alongside me passing me Kleenex and rubbing my back as I sobbed at the love and sadness in the family. I relate because they tackle real issues that real people experience; cancer, autism, infidelity, drugs; regardless the family is always there for one another.

We began to watch all three previous seasons from the beginning and are now half way done with Season 3 and I realize I have become attached to this family.

I love the large Braverman family and the siblings always finding time to pop into each other’s homes for favors or support.  I love the cousins supporting their family members at baseball games and birthday parties.  The idyllic dinners in their outdoor backyard in the Californian mountains aid in my growing jealousy.

Every episode I turn to my husband and say, “Why isn’t our family like this?”

“Because they are actors and have writers write their happy endings.”

Obviously they are not real people, but I do believe that we too can have the camaraderie portrayed every Tuesday night. It is relatable and achievable.

I know I am a few years late to the game, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this rarely talked about or nominated gem. Thank you Parenthood – I am striving for my family to be more like the Bravermans – real or not.

Do you watch Parenthood? What is your favorite show on television? 


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