Five reasons children are harder than babies

Five reasons children are harder than babies
Slow down! I 'm trying to keep up with these kids.

Lately I’ve stumbled upon a few honest articles about how challenging, isolating and, in some cases, awful the first year of parenting is.  I can relate as my daughter cried the first 8 weeks of her life and the next forty-four were no piece of cake.

Despite this I stand behind the fact that children, the walking, talking, rationalizing type are much more difficult than the warm, cuddly precious little beings they once were.

Here are my five reasons why I often wish my children were still sleeping in cribs and eating my breast milk.

1.  I can’t talk about them in front of them. I reminisce on the weekly play dates where we ladies would sit around and talk about our kids. Our little ones would crawl around drooling at our feet naive that we were saying how tired and frustrated we were.  Now my kids hear my every phone call and word even when I don’t know they are listening.

2. They can spell. How can I tell my husband we have C-O-O-K-I-E-S in the cabinet when my children will be there before I get to the “s.” Obviously, this applies to many other more serious topics and discussions that can’t be mentioned near our offspring.

3. They are heavy. When disciplining my children I have always counted to three and then if the behavior is not corrected resorted to time-outs.  When they were toddlers, I would swoop them up and move them into a quiet spot to recover.  Now, I can barely lift by 53-pound first grader and my arms might still be sore from wrangling my 32 -pounder yesterday.

4. Homework. Basically, I would much rather change six diaper explosions a day than sit down patiently explaining multiplication and fractions to a frustrated and tired child who really, really, really, really wants to play his new computer game.

5.  No more naps. Need I say more?

They can’t stay babies forever and it does continue to amaze me that my kids have morphed into thinking, rationalizing and smart people with opinions.  I hesitate to complain as I think it is only going to get harder as we enter tweendom and the teenager phase is one I choose to pretend is never going to happen.

Did you find the baby stage harder than the school-age stage?


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