See you later, 2012

See you later, 2012

Last year I answered a series of questions about 2011 and had planned and actually began to answer them again this year.  In December of 2011 my answers were naive to the possibility I would receive a diagnosis with multiple sclerosis a mere 9 months later.  As a result, in answering the questions this year, it somehow seemed less necessary.  Obviously I’m sadder, poorer and in worse health than 2012.

Despite that downer of a reality, I’m good. I am more aware, appreciative and dare I say happy?  Everything I do is harder, yet more satisfying.  Twenty thirteen brings so much promise.  I am supposed to and still waiting to begin Gilenya, the first once-daily pill for reducing the number of relapses in people with relapsing forms of MS. This newish drug has possibilities to do great things for my body.

I’m grateful to my family, especially my husband, and all of you for being a part of my journey.   See you later 2012; I’m ready for 2013!

Here’s to peace, love and health in the new year.

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