Meatless Monday: Fast, Healthy Food at Olive

Meatless Monday: Fast, Healthy Food at Olive

Some days I don’t have the energy to cook, yet struggle with finding kid friendly restaurants where both my kids and I will enjoy the food.  It seems pointless for us to get out to eat if they are going to eat grilled cheese, mac and cheese or other basics that I can easily prepare at home.

I was thrilled with I discovered Olive, which I describe as a Mediterranean Chipotle.  With huge portions and many vegetarian options, Olive is a perfect, low-key spot to eat Meatless Monday lunch or dinner with the whole family.

Olive Mediterranean Grill is an innovative approach to fresh authentic Mediterranean food where you can create your meals with fresh, all-natural ingredients in your own unique way.  Olive was founded by owner Faisal Ghani who had a lot of fast service restaurant experience and became really impassioned about the quality of his food. Especially after having his son, he wanted to help families who are busy and want to feed their children healthy, unprocessed food, but don’t necessarily always have the time to prepare it themselves.

The affordable menu includes delicious, protein rich hummus, baba ghanouj, basmati rice, Moroccan couscous, chick pea salad, Mediterranean salad, tabbouli salad, lentil soup and falafel. Besides vegetarian options, Olive also offers dairy free and gluten free menu items as well.

Olive is located at 201 N. Clark and 1001 W. North Avenue and plans to open in Evanston soon. Check out Olive at or call 312-274-5525 (North Ave.) or 312-726-1234 (Clark St.)  Catering is available too.

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