Inside my Joyful Hanukkah Shopping

Inside my Joyful Hanukkah Shopping


In the half hour after yoga before preschool pick up, I naively thought I could simply pop into Toys R Us to return one item and get one Hannukah gift for each of my children.

Apparently weekdays at 1:40 is a prime time to shop as the place was bustling with long return lines, aisles of wrapping paper and overflowing carts – hurray for the economy!

I truly believe my children do not need one thing (besides winter boots) yet I tackled the experience with a different purpose than usual.  In hopes of finding holiday spirit I turned nostalgic and relived the moment when my sister and I danced around our living room singing “Oh Hanukkah” to the sizzle and scent of latkes. I still remember receiving my long awaited Pound Puppy in that cozy brown living room of my childhood home.

First I was guided to the trading cards and amongst the Pokemon, Bakugon and others that the boys traded at summer camp, I found one lonely row of Garbage Pail Kids.  Even though my card was Death Beth, I still loved each one and their creative names and characters.  I had them all, plus a cool suitcase holder that they all lived in.

With the cards sealed in my cart, I moved on passing by Lollaloopsy, Hello Kitty, Iron Man, Thomas and Green Lantern and b-lined towards the music section.

Then I remembered years of my life in front of my blue and yellow microphone and stand.  Long after the batteries died I was still singing and dragging that thing with me in front of any guest that entered the doors of our home.

I loved it, not sure my parents loved listening to my tone deaf voice singing all the time, but to me it was the gift that kept on giving.

My little me loves singing and this microphone will be the perfect addition to her already choreographed performances.  I grabbed the matching keyboard for my boy as he is developing an ear for music and should enjoy accompanying his sister.

Here’s to hoping that they each having their own instrument will result in less “mine” discussions.

I smiled at the board game aisle as I passed many of my childhood memories that include “Clue,” “Sorry,” “Scrabble” and “Monopoly” and made a mental notes that my little one will hopefully be older to follow instructions and enjoy the fun of games next year.

Feeling accomplished, I grabbed a roll of wrapping paper, disappointed not to see one Hanukah paper in the sea of reds and greens, and paid for my items.

Tonight I wrap and search for any place my kids cannot possibly find their gifts.  The laundry room?  Under the bed?  The garage?

Despite the fact it is sixty degrees and I am not wearing my winter jacket, I might be getting in the holiday spirit.


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