Medical professionals are idiots

Medical professionals are idiots
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I am going to get a lot of slack for that headline, I know. I have family members that are in the medical profession and they are not idiots, but man I think everyone I have dealt with has been, for lack of a better word, an idiot.

It started when my general practitioner, back in September, told me the best way to be admitted to the hospital (after he read my MRI) was through the Emergency Room.  Ten hours later surrounded by blood, germs, vomit and dealing with idiots , I mean ER staff I was in a room.

Next, the awesome Neurologist that attended to me in the hospital told me to call her with questions anytime.  Two days later when the at home nurse inserted the IV steroids into my muscle instead of the vein, my mom called her in a panic and her voicemail was full.

Then began the journey to find a doctor.  The renowned doctor who I want to see doesn’t have availability until February.  We can all agree that isn’t idiotic, but busy.  Yet, the run around I’ve been through for an earlier appointment has included over 12 phone calls from myself, my mother, my husband and even two calls from a doctor friend of the family.  Yes, I’m sure the nurses are doing what they are told, but the process is frustrating to say the least.

Now I am in the hell called trying to get my medicine.  The drug company sent my prescription to the pharmacy on November 5th. As of today it has been 23 days that I have heard absolutely no status of this treatment.  Due to traveling, Thanksgiving and my nervousness to begin giving myself a daily shot; I avoided the problem for a while and even wondered if it was delivered without a signature while we were away.

After persistence from family members and the fact that I am not back to “normal,” I called the drug company to find the status of my order yesterday.  They, who were helpful, transferred me to the pharmacy where I waited on hold for a long 28 minutes.  This was even more annoying when every few minutes a voice came on that said, “We are experiencing a long wait time, a representative will be with you in 5 minutes.”

Finally a representative came on the phone and had no information of mine.  I told her I was a new patient awaiting my first supply of X drug and her answer was, “When was your last dose of said drug?”

“Never.  I am waiting for my first dose.” I answered taking deep breaths.

The conversation continued in this matter.  As my heart rate rose, I reminded myself that once this is taken care of I will, hopefully, be done with these types of phone calls.

After 25 more minutes receiving no answers for why I have not received the drug or when I will, I was promised I would definitely receive a call within 24 hours with information.

It has been 38 hours and I am on hold again going on 44 minutes at the mercy of some private pharmacy that apparently is the only place I can receive the drug from due to contracts.

Obviously, all medical professionals are not idiots.  There are many bright, helpful, intelligent folks out there, but sadly I am dealing with a bunch of idiots.  Even worse is I fear that every month when it is time for a refill I will be dealing with the same.

It is hard enough being sick, but I can handle that part.  I simply wish I didn’t have to deal with insensitive, unhelpful idiots to get well.

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