Don't read the multiple sclerosis pages

Don't read the multiple sclerosis pages

On Facebook I stumbled upon a page called We’re not Drunk, We have MS.  MS doesn’t make me feel or act drunk, but regardless the pages has 5,705 fans and constantly updates with different readers multiple sclerosis problems, issues and questions.

Initially I eagerly clicked on Like in a desperation to meet others going through what I am.  This is when the problem was confirmed.  No two MS patients are the same so it is hard to predict, understand or know what is going to happen at any moment.

Here are a few of the many posts on the page.

“Hey all. I hope that everyone’s meal was as good as the one we had. My question is: I use a cane to go everywhere. Only time I skip it is when I go from the bedroom to the bathroom, they are right next to each other. I’m noticing that my walking is pathetic even going that short distance. I feel stupid using a cane for that short of a distance. But when it’s without it I look like I had a pint of scotch to my head. Advice from some of my favorite people……thanks.”

“Ok. I need to vent. Had a really crappy day. This a.m., everything was going *great*! My parents came down for dinner, kids were having fun, & I had my turkey day meal all planned out. Then it happened without any warning at all. I was chopping up garlic & I just went into a full force half body muscle spasms/seizure. It started in my hand (where it always does) but I had no warning this time & I usually feel them coming on.  So there I was in front of everyone going down & laying on floor looking like a seizure while hubby tried to keep my head up. I remember it all & told my kids to take my dad out of the room. My son ran up & got my meds, I took them, but then they knocked me out. So for the first time in almost 2 decades, I didn’t make Thanksgiving dinner, nor did I even get the chance to help. I was too busy dealing with the excruciating pain, MS hugs, & medication which turned me into a zombie. So here I lay in bed by myself. Im frustrated beyond belief. I’m mad. I’m sad. I just want to cry myself to sleep. And I’m not usually a cryer at all. The specialists said it would get worse with time, but I didn’t think it would all be happening so quickly. I want a big red *STOP* button. :(”

“I was diagnosed may 25th 2012. Ive been on Tysabri ever since doctors say i’m getting much better but I can’t eat, sleep, walk. I guess i’m not as bad as when i was going through the flare up. But far from good. Im 28 now do things ever get easier?”

“I just found this site and think it is great. Does anyone else have face twitching? Sometimes it gets embarrassing. My MS Dr said it is just my facial nerves.”

Even re-reading the above posts my chest tightens and I feel the anxiety set in.  There is absolutely no reason why that shouldn’t or won’t be me.

After my husband repeatedly told me to “stop reading these things” combined with back to back sleepless nights, I knew it was time to end reading Were not Drunk, we have MS.  I nervously Unliked, concerned I would be at a disadvantage without the important information.

It was the right decision.  My anxiety is gone and I’m sleeping again.

Do you every feel too much information is sometimes too much to handle? 


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