Boycotting Black Friday - are you with me?

Boycotting Black Friday - are you with me?
Does this look like fun to you?

As I peacefully chop squash in preparation for Thanksgiving, the news anchor in the background is discussing an app that will tell you exactly where items are located in super stores like Wal-mart and Target.  Getting up before the sun rises to shop isn’t enough, now you need an app to show you the precise spot the Nintendo Wii is?

I can’t escape from the commercials, emails and billboards advertising the hoopla now starting even earlier on Thursday night.

Here are my three reasons to stay away from the stores this Black Friday.

1. We spend all day Thursday claiming to be thankful for what we have, why do we need to buy a bunch of new crap the next day?

2. The amount of people that flock for these “sales” is a claustrophobic’s nightmare.  Stay far, far away from the crowds that have no shame to push, shove or step on to you to get their bathrobe or what ever it is that is so important to stay awake all night waiting for.

3. The bargains often can be found online AND throughout the rest of the month and year.  The few times I’ve dared shop on Black Friday, I don’t remember any jaw dropping savings.

Clearly I am not the expert in shopping on Black Friday.  I invite you to convince me I am wrong. What types of items do you buy the day after Thanksgiving and is it worth it?

Am I alone in thinking Thursday is meant to stay home with loved ones?  Can you resist the hype and eat pie, play games and simply be thankful?


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