Another doctor visit, which one will cure me?

Another doctor visit, which one will cure me?

This morning I visited Wellness Associates of Chicago per the suggestion of my blogger friend Healthy Jasmine.  Dr. Howard performed a computerized stress assessment test based on the acupuncture system that measures electric response at acupuncture points.  The scan reads the balance of energy in lungs and other organs and can reflect reactions to food, food additives, allergens and chemicals.

Dr. Howard told me of a specific multiple sclerosis case where a women about my age eliminated allergens (gluten and dairy)  from her diet after being diagnosed and went back a year later for an MRI and had no lesions.  The doctors were baffled and simply said, “She must not have MS.”  I know this is one case, but am hopeful maybe I can be another.

My comprehensive test showed Mixed Feathers, Ragweed, Weed Pollen, Grass Pollen, Tree Pollen, Cat Hair and Mold as allergens.  The fall allergens make sense to me, as I felt great all summer and as soon as autumn began is when my first episode started.  In addition, last fall at the same time I went to doctor with horrible migraines which I believe is related.

I am not certain if my pillows and down comforter have feathers, but I will happily replace those and hope I will notice a change in my body.

As for the food panel, surprisingly Cow Milk, Goat Milk and Casein were the highest reactors.  I was relieved to only test high for dairy, whereas the gluten that I have been eliminating is now fine to eat.

In addition the doctor is suggesting I take fish oil, Omega-3 and a Bio Adreno Dietary Supplement with my multi-vitamin.

Dr. Howard was clear results take a long time to achieve.  I need to adapt to this lifestyle and hopefully in a year I will be symptom free.

This is where I struggle.  Every doctor (I hope) believes they are prescribing me the right treatment.  Each doctor feels passionate they are correct and I should follow their recommendation.

Who should I believe?

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