Why are you so angry?

Why are you so angry?

While looking for parking today at Mariano’s Fresh Market, I accidently drove the wrong way down the aisle.  Admittedly I was wrong, moved to the far right of the wide enough lane and rolled down my window to explain that I’m sorry and wasn’t paying attention.  The lady responded by keeping her window up and screaming at me “stupid.”

I looked in her eyes and she really was angry; apparently because she had to slow down for thirty seconds to squeeze by me to find a parking space.

Then while rushing to pick up my son from school, I roll through a stop sign on a side street in hopes of gaining a minute and not leaving my boy parentless at pick up.  Again I was wrong and immediately stepped on my brake and indicated with my hand to go ahead as I mouthed, “I’m sorry.”

This man stopped his car perpendicular to mine, looked me in the eyes and gave me the finger.  Again it was his anger that surprised me.

In reading this, it is clear that I am not the best driver and I know that busy city folk have little patience for bad drivers.

Despite this, my optimistic side is wondering why there has to be so much rage over such little issues.  I felt upset over these interactions as my day continued and I’m sure the other drivers’ days are impacted by these interchanges.

We all know it often is another issue that causes such explosive behavior; still it seems like such a waste of energy especially since many of us drive all the time. 

Next time someone tries to cut you off or take your parking spot try to brush it off, it really will make the rest of your day so much better.


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