Tasty Gluten Free Meatless Monday Dishes

Tasty Gluten Free Meatless Monday Dishes
Photo of Zucchini Quinoa by Petrina Tinslay from Real Simple.

I made it through my first gluten free weekend and surprisingly it wasn’t too hard.   I passed on the bread basket and held back when I wanted to grab a few French fries off my son’s plate.  I am most worried about hidden gluten in the form of sauces that I’m not aware of and have not yet noticed any differences in the way I feel since eliminating gluten from my diet.

Luckily I found many recipes that are delicious, without wheat and meatless.

Emily Levenson’s site lists a lot of tasty gluten free recipes, but something about this Fennel, Leek and Apple Bisque really peaks my interest.  I’ve been buying exceptional apples at the farmer’s market perfect for this warm soup.

This time of year Pumpkin Pancakes would be a seasonal treat and Gluten Free Mommy lists a recipe that I’m sure my kids and husband will go crazy for.

I love risotto, but often shy away from it because it is high in fat.  I won the jackpot when I discovered this Vegan Leek and Asparagus Risotto that includes no butter or cheese, but still is rich and delicious.

As of late, I’ve been really into cauliflower.  I don’t think my family is with me, but I’m hoping this Cauliflower Rice dish from Elana’s Pantry will change their minds.

This Zucchini Quinoa Stuffing is filling and packed with vitamin rich vegetables and protein-laden beans.  Sticking with the zucchini theme, one of the cutest blog names ever, Peas and Thank You, shares this gluten free Zucchini Chocolate Chip cookie that I find compelled to make immediately.

It is a relief to know there are delicious gluten free options out there.  All it takes is a little planning and the above lists will keep us satisfied for the week ahead.

Please share your meatless and gluten free recipes in the comments below.


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