Observations after 2 weeks eliminating gluten

Observations after 2 weeks eliminating gluten
Some of the gluten free treats my husband picked up for me.

Well, I did it.

Once again folks, think before you say you can’t do anything.

“I could never do a cleanse.

“I could never survive an hour of spin class.”

“I could never go 2 weeks without eating wheat.”

Do you know what – YOU CAN.  I’ve been proving that to myself over and over again, and it feels just as good each time.

This time two weeks ago, I was terrified to eliminate gluten from my diet and again I found success.


The Hard Parts

1. Think before you eat.  No more popping pretzels, cereal or the last few bites of a crusty sandwich.  I learned an important lesson in mindful eating.

2. Restaurant dining.  As much as I know I should, I don’t want to be that women who orders obsessively.  But, I guess that is what we pay for.

3. Dinner for the family. No surprise at all, my kids eat about 70% gluten.  Breads and pastas are clearly a big part of their diet.  I often have to make two separate meals, or at least variations of each other.


The Easy Parts

1. Gluten free foods are in abundance.  My thoughtful husband returned from a trip to Whole Foods with cookies, crackers, pasta, bread pretzels and popcorn with the words gluten free on them.

2. Plenty of fresh options.  With gluten out, there are multiple opportunities for delicious vegetables, cheeses, beans, eggs and meats.

3. Becoming more mainstream.  From lunch at Rose’s Gluten Free Bakery in Evanston to larger companies like The Cheesecake Factory wait staff are efficient and careful about serving meals without gluten.


The Future

Initially since I didn’t notice a major change in my health, I concluded the lack of gluten in foods didn’t make a difference.  After a closer look, I realize I am feeling stronger with more endurance than I had two weeks ago. I’ll never know if it is time, eating gluten free or my green smoothies.

I hope to continue this eating lifestyle and am considering eliminating dairy, another inflammatory food group, from my diet.

Please share if you had an improvement in your health from eliminating specific food groups. 

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