Drums or Piano: Which is right for my child?

Drums or Piano: Which is right for my child?

The no television punishment has shown incredible results. My house has less fighting, screaming, noise and we have more time to talk.  This morning my child made me breakfast. Even though I’m no longer a cereal eater, I’m beyond impressed and amazed at the miracles that can happen when the boob tube is turned off.

Since we now have more free time and one of my yoga students, a music teacher, recently told me the age of five is ideal for a child to begin to learn a musical instrument; I began to think now might be the time to introduce the joy of music to my little one.

One night at a rowdy dinner I offered up the choice of piano or violin.  My boys face lit up and he matter of factly answered, “Drums.”

I like this answer for many reasons.  First, the success rate should be high as there are no notes, chords or keys involved. Yes, I know drumming takes skill and rhythm, but possibly, no insult to all you drummers out there, a little easier than other instruments.  I also hoped the drums could be used as a positive method to relieve stress, anger or frustration for my first grader.

My husband was quick to vote for piano. His point was that if you can play piano, you could play any instrument.  A good argument, but I practiced piano for years, didn’t enjoy it and cannot play any instrument now.

He reminded me how loud drums are, and I’m confident at some point I will regret the racket.  The noise factor is very important to think about before committing, although are drums really louder than banging on a piano?

Help us solve this split vote: drums or piano?


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