Would you friend your doctor on Facebook?

Would you friend your doctor on Facebook?

While I was a patient at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, this doctor was the Neurologist on call.  She came to my room everyday, answered questions and kept me informed.  We talked about yoga and she promised I would see her in one of my classes one day.  She gave me her card and urged me to call or email her if I have any questions or need anything.

Obviously I looked her up on Facebook.  She wasn’t wearing her lab coat or stethoscope, but some sort of silly hat.  I’m not a lurker or embarrassed to be on Facebook, so I instinctively hit Send Friend Request.

She didn’t confirm my friend request.

Was it because she didn’t want me to see that she is wild and crazy when she isn’t a hard working doctor? Or maybe she wants to keep her work and personal life separate, which makes sense yet I noticed she has over 1000 followers.  We all know NOBODY has 1000 real friends.

I confirm friend requests for all my yoga students and Chicago Now family.  Some of them I might not recognize if I saw them at Whole Foods, but we share relevant information with one another and respect our Facebook friendship for what it is.

The lawyer we used when we closed on our house did friend me the other day and I have not confirmed his friend request.  Should I?

Would you accept a Facebook friend request from your doctor?

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